Monday, 4 February 2013

A long post to make up for my absence

February Wedding!

Right, so I know I've been terrible at posting on this blog but I'm going to try to post something new once a week - that's not a promise though, but I will try! 

It was my cousin's wedding on Saturday 2nd February and although I will be uploading an outfit of the day video on my youtube account ( within the next week I thought I'd also upload photos here. More behind the scenes and some details on the wedding! 

Firstly, I thought I'd talk about the make-up I wore for the service and the reception. I wanted to keep it pretty low maintenance as I wore a fascinator and I didn't want my outfit, headgear and make-up to be all OTT, if ya get me. So for make-up I used:

Chanel vitalumiere foundation
Collection 2000, rimmel match perfection and NYX HD photogenic concealers (I need three)!

Neutral eyeshadows from my NYX "bubbles and caviar" eyeshadow palette

Maybelline black gel eyeliner
ELF mascara

A touch of MUA bronzer
NYX blush in "spice"
Topshop highlighter in "moonbeam"

For the daytime I used Barry M's 150 lipstick (which is a really light brown) and in the evening I went a little crazy and used No 7's "Glace" lipstick because I changed dresses. I also used my lipcote to seal the lipstick in as I was drinking quite a lot...

My hair: I cheated as my hair is only shoulder length and I used one of those doughnut hair things that can pop open to be used for a French twist and then I added a accessory.

Okay, so now for some more photos of the actual day! I didn't get any pictures of Coombe Abbey (where the wedding breakfast and reception was) the grounds and house were amazing but you had to ask for permission ya-de-dah and it was also really cold! So we didn't spend a lot of time outside.

The bride and groom: 

The cake! Only one layer was real so they could keep it and there were already Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle and chocolate slices ready to eat. But I thought this cake (even if most of of wasn't real) was really tasteful (appearance wise, haha) and I liked it's simplicity as apposed to some really tacky cake decorations you see sometimes. The cake and the icing decorations on it are important, guys. 

Full length shot of me and my sister (and I cannot work out how to turn pictures around on here so if someone could tell me how to that would be great)

I hope you enjoyed this and be sure to check out my youtube for the upcoming ootd and song that my sister and I sang during the wedding service! xxx

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